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About Us

Guerra Holdings is the umbrella company of multiple subsidiaries. Its portfolio currently spans most major industries including, but not limited to, real estate, entertainment, consulting services, retail businesses, patent services, science, technology, manufacturing, distribution logistics, transportation, and many more. Its President and CEO is Francisco Guerra, a successful entrepreneur, business developer, author & serial inventor. Guerra Holdings aims to be the very best at everything to which their names are attached. A little bit about Francisco: Cuban immigrant, magician to millionaire inventor, Francisco Guerra’s heartwarming personal journey of discovery is proof positive that the increasingly elusive and highly romanticized American Dream is still possible, and attainable to those who don’t have Ivy League educations or large trust funds to subsidize their goals. Yet there is so much more to this simple story, for at its heart is the heart of Francisco himself. Indeed, great as Francisco’s business acumen is, it is superseded by his humanity. He embodies that rare mixture of unerring business wisdom, personal accessibility, and a kindness that is exceptional for so busy and charismatic individual. As a CEO, fairness is his bottom line.

Francisco Guerra has been credited with many patents and inventions. He has invented and secured patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licensing for literally hundreds of inventions.

Ranging from a specialty fly trap which was contracted by the U.S. Government to a remote fireworks detonator, he has shown incredible talent at knowing which products will succeed. Just a few of his much-publicized inventions include the following: DRINK SAFE TECHNOLOGIES, Evaporative Snow, Faux Snow, and Flogos.

The story of entrepreneur Francisco Guerra is rich in humanity while elegant in its simplicity. His family immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba when he was 5 years old, and ever since his journey has been characterized by self-transformation and ascendance to the success he now enjoys. His path has quite literally been paved with cobblestones of magic and invention, carrying him from a 14-year stint as a stage magician through world-class inventions that have been embraced from Disneyland to Hollywood. Among the great lessons along the way, Francisco mastered the art of the presentation from the compelling stage persona he created as a magician to the packaging of his inventions. In 2002, Time magazine ranked one of his inventions among the best of the year.

Sharing ways to build excitement for new ideas is in essence, what Francisco is all about. So ask yourself, am I part of the blueprint for the future? For a better tomorrow? What kind of a legacy, ultimately, will I create? Help build a better tomorrow today! Take some time to meet this man, I can guarantee, you will find yourself inspired! To learn more, read his book, or contact us!

"I believe as citizens of the world we're all called to protect and make it better for the next generation."

Francisco Guerra | CEO

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